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How to become a Twitter Handicapper

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

“Best Handicapping Services”

One of the biggest challenges that anyone will face when deciding how to pick a winner of a sporting event is to gain as much knowledge regarding those involved as possible; this can be an overwhelming process that may not even be the most efficient means to going about it all. Being that the majority of us have jobs, family commitments and other life challenges that limit or hinder our ability to perform research, it is important to have a reliable source at your fingertips for the top picks, with none of the drawn out fact finding. This is where TOSS Picks comes in; we are recognized as the best online handicappers when it comes to sports betting picks for all of the major leagues, including NBA, MLB, NCAA, NFL and NHL. When you need real-time, up to the minute information about who is hot and who is not, you can rely on us to provide you with our picks, based on well-researched information from our pro insiders; it has been reliable to a good many people over the years, after all. read full article here

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Looking for real winners?

Handicapper: Booker’s Picks
Grade: A+


Evaluating sports handicapping services can be a very frustrating process. There are far more scams out there than there are legitimate professional services. Furthermore, the legitimate services that consistently deliver winners along with truly transparent & legitimate results are very scarce. For that reason, I get excited when I find one that actually does what they say they are going to do. I recently evaluated Booker’s Picks (, which is a service that launched to the public in 2015 & has hit the the ground running. I did an analysis in conjunction with a membership of my own, and to say that I am impressed would be an understatement. First, let’s get to the reviewing process. The following are the questions I ask myself when evaluating a sports handicapping service:

Where are these picks monitored?

Most handicappers are not monitored by a 3rd party service, and those that are, are frequently being monitored by services as shady as they are. In the case of Booker’s Picks, they are monitored by Handicapper’s Watchdog. HWD is not the largest monitoring service out there, but they are a highly respected one that has been around a long time. This was a good sign for me right off the bat. You can see their page on HWD’s site here:

Are the lines available for me?

Another move that drives me nuts is when handicappers post lines in conjunction with their picks that simply don’t exist. I’ve done trial runs with services before that post stuff like “Steelers -2.5” & you look at it right away to find that the line is -3.5 & was never below a field goal as advertised by the service you are paying for information from. Booker’s Picks uses Heritage Sports for odds. They post live odds from Heritage when they post their daily picks. Heritage is a “reduced juice” book, just like 5Dimes, which I am also a fan of, so if you had a standard juice book you may get -110 on a game when they got -105, but the point spread is the same. I have not yet once been unable to get a line Booker’s Picks has posted, and I have been with them for over 30 days & counting. On a side note, I’m not sure why anyone would pay full juice with “reduced juice” sportsbooks out there. It may not be much day to day, but over time, you’ll want that partial juice back!

Do they post their results & are they accurate?

Many handicappers mask their losses, removing them from their results over time, or they simply treat wins & losses as equals, as if there is not a higher amount paid on losses than is won on winnings. Booker’s Picks not only posts real time odds, but they factor in their negative money line into their results, which is why their results page matches the one at their HWD monitoring site. So, what you see on their page will match the results you see in your own account.

What sports are covered & what type of wager volume is placed on the service?

Booker’s Picks covers NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL, & MLB. Basically, that covers everything I’d want to play personally. In the time I have been with them, the average number of plays per day is approximately 3. However, there have been several 1-2 play days & as many as 6 plays total. They even had a day where they didn’t take anything, which I actually appreciate. I do not want a service to force plays to create action they have no validity for. If you like a few to a handful of games in a day, the volume is really nice. If you are someone that likes to play a huge number of games per day, this service isn’t for you, at least not by itself.

Are they winners?

You may wonder why this is so far down the list, right? If a service doesn’t pass the previous questions, I am not subscribing, and I don’t know if they are truly winners until I give their service a test-drive. I have doubled my bankroll using Booker’s Picks bankroll managment system (, coupled with their daily picks. As they advertise, their service is very easy to use, they tell you exactly how to play their picks, and their performance page ( speaks for itself. The formula is not difficult. Develop a system that people can use, provide honest results, and research profitable plays while subscribers accumulate. However, beating the games isn’t easy (we are looking for a handicapper for a reason, right!?), and when services fail to beat the book, they turn to quick tricks to make money instead of delivering sound results. These guys are the real deal, and while I intended to subscribe for the purposes of my review, I do not plan to quit following their daily picks anytime soon!

Does the price justify the service?

Booker’s Picks has a few pricing options, ranging from $149/mo subscription to $999 for a full year, which is a significant discount over the monthly price. The only question a player has to ask themselves before committing to Booker’s Picks is “how big is my bankroll”. That bankroll size is what determines everything with regards to following their system. If your bankroll is at least $2,500 & you are comfortable playing every game for about $100 + juice, I believe this service is well worth the money. For someone who has a bankroll of $5,000-10,000+, it is an absolute no-brainer.

To learn more about Booker’s Picks & the process they use to pick winners, read their “About Us” page here:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Free things you can do RIGHT NOW for your handicapping website to make more money.

What can you do right now to make more money from your sports handicapping touts?

I have a few ideas. :)

1.) Make a free handicapper profile on all the sports monitor websites. free tip: one way link backs from established websites can help search ranking.

handicapping sports monitor list.
2.) Make a google plus profile and google business apps. COST $5 *almost free 3.) Get free emails by going and subscribe to all the handicapping marketing list. Why? Because handicappers are so poor at sending emails, they put their email marketing list in the cc field.

4.) Adding more content to your website. When I want to make more money I start thinking about adding to the word count to my website.

5.) Build profiles on free forums & message boards.

6.) post in free Facebook groups. see example. >

Example of a handicapping service name drop.
7.) Make a short YouTube video with your phone. Youtube is a pr9 website, a strong website to get linkback from.

 Example YouTube video I made:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Did your Handicapping Business stop selling picks for some reason?

Sports Picks no longer selling??

Oh that's nothing. I'm guessing from the Analytics we have about 30% of the sports betting market share has shifted to Fantasy Sports over the last 9 months. The DFS is new "legal" way wink-wink to bet sports in the US. But as is reporting, this is likly tobe short lived I think and like Online Poker it will have an abrupt ending. This type of betting leaves a big open door to cheating in NFL and other sports. >

Now can help you diversify your website business to also allow fantasy lineups and information.

Now offers Fantasy Sports Business Websites

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Twitter is conduit for info in sports betting | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Sharp sports bettors are always seeking an edge. What was considered “inside information” in decades past is now often available to the public instantaneously.
If it happened 15 minutes ago, it’s almost old news.
Twitter, founded in March 2006 as an online social networking and microblogging service, is the newest hot spot for sports bettors. It can be a forum for worthless conversations, but it’s also a network that offers valuable information.
A “tweet” is limited to 140 characters. For example, South Point oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro posted this tweet on Wednesday: “The magic carpet ride continues. Denver is now America’s team. The next bet we take on the Cowboys will be the first one. How bout them Broncos.”
The numbers of bettors gravitating to the Twitter-verse — some sources are more credible than others — seems limitless.
In addition to team Twitter accounts, newspaper beat writers and national media insiders, here are several sources to consider following for sports betting-related info: